: I simply want to dedicate this webpage to my Daddy Abba, to my Brother-Lord Jesus, and to my Comforter my Counselor & my Teacher Holy Spirit. I know that He can do what would take me a lifetime to do in just moment, and I also know that He has your best interest in mind, so I fully dedicate this website to God in Jesus through Holy Spirit. Remember, be blessed, don’t look at yourself as alone but as united & One with Jesus in the Spirit; inseparable no matter what. I believe God never abandoned man but that man abandoned(or ran way from) God. Adam being the first one, and the rest after doing the same trying to achieve right standing with God, and so putting a division. I believe God has always been close to us, but in our minds we seperate ourselves from Him and make Him out to be far from us. God would meet and hang out with Adam in the garden everyday. One day he ate from the fruit, realized he was naked, and ran and hid when he heard God coming. God knew Adam ate the fruit, He knows everything, but He still wanted to hang out with Adam. God didnt run away from Adam, but Adam ran away from God. The reason I believe God took him out of the garden is because He didn’t want man to live forever in the state(of mind) they were in; and so Redemption was on its way. Jesus Christ. “He came to seek and save that which was lost.” God loved you from the day you were born, even before you were born He Loved you. God’s Love cannot be earned. God IS Love. Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. He takes away the sin of the world, and gives Life to the world. He IS Life. And we killed Him, but He is Risen! He is the exact revelation of the Father.  Peace&Love. 

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